Top 5 Reasons to Choose WYCKOFF HYBRIDS

  1. We are an 85-year-old family owned and operated seed farm. We have been able to carve out a niche amidst large, national competitors because of our firmly rooted commitment to the economic success of farmers in our region. From our fields to yours, we pledge to bring you the best seeds possible and the yields are all yours…no strings attached.
  2. Our genetics are specifically selected for this region. We have been farming locally for generations, and use our wealth of knowledge and experience to hand-pick and then cross the traits that create seeds that dependably yield impressive results in Indiana and Southwestern Michigan.
  3. We are accessible and easy to do business with. In fact, when you call our business line you are most likely to speak directly with our president, Ken Wyckoff. How’s that for accountability?
  4. On our ground we plant, raise, protect, fertilize, harvest, process, sort, and bag the very seed we sell. You can trust that bags labeled with the Wyckoff name contain clean, high-quality seeds.
  5. Our daily efforts are undertaken with a sense of thankfulness for our many blessings. Faith, family, and farming are the core values that define us.
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