Wyckoff Hybrids is not only a company rooted in tradition, but a company rooted in faith. While at all times our Wyckoff family remains dedicated to our farming mission, we constantly acknowledge our duty as stewards of the Earth. Each growing season is an opportunity to experience the miracle of life anew, an opportunity that we cherish. Thankfully, this gift of tender shoots and green fields is not something we keep to ourselves, but an experience that we bring directly to YOU. As with any company, Wyckoff Hybrids has faced formidable obstacles (read our history here), but God’s hand always prevails. We hope to act as witnesses of His divine providence in our every interaction with dealers, customers, and sales leads.


Wyckoff Hybrids has been a family business since it began with LK Wycoff back in 1932. The farm has been passed down over the years, and we will soon welcome the 5th generation into our workforce! Family has always been very important to us, and we seek to create a sense of familiarity and comfort no matter where we are. Truth be told, the Wyckoff Family is much larger than family lines might suggest. It consists of dealers and customers from many regions, remote marketing and design teams, and many people working behind the scenes, all of whom contribute to the company you know today. Welcome to our family!


Here at Wyckoff Hybrids, we handle all aspects of seed growing, processing, and production in-house. As a small, independent, and family-owned company, this truly sets us apart in an industry dominated by large corporations, and our customer experience only stands to benefit. Through attention to detail and careful breeding, Wyckoff strives to provide you with the highest quality seed at superior prices. We consistently update our offerings to ensure that you’re receiving an improved product. “The Goal when we first produced hybrid seed corn in 1932, was the production of Better Corn For Better Farmers…continued successful operation, is certain to be based on Superior and careful breeding and continued improvements…that is the established goal of Today and Tomorrow,” – LK Wyckoff

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