Our Mission

To provide an enjoyable, successful and profitable experience for our customers by maintaining our independent and family-owned status so we can personally produce with the utmost care and precision, the best quality, most elite, diverse, highest performing and regionally based seed products while offering more traits and germplasm choices coupled with excellent service and agronomic expertise.

Wyckoff Hybrids is a company rooted in Christian values. Whether it’s building our product portfolio, producing the highest quality seed, cleaning, packaging, or working one on one with every one of our customers, we treat you like we would like to be treated. Matthew 22:39 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


We have been independent and family-owned since LK Wyckoff started Wyckoff Hybrids in 1932. Persevering for more than 90 years has not been an easy feat. It takes zealous and committed people from all levels of our business. Focusing on the details in production, processing and picking the best possible products for our region has made this accomplishment possible. We understand what it takes to make a family business work and how important it is to keep family businesses going. Come see the advantages of working with a family-owned business that wants to help your family farm succeed.


Here at Wyckoff Hybrids, we handle all aspects of seed growing, processing, and production in-house, which gives you unmatched quality control compared to the rest of the industry. Just like the feeling when you run through that first pass of corn with the combine and you see the fruits of your labor, we have that same feeling of pride and accomplishment when we see you fill your planter with Wyckoff Hybrids seed in the spring. We experience much gratification knowing that all of the hard work we put in will yield a crop that will make you proud and profitable. As a regional, independent, and family-owned seed company, this truly sets us apart in an industry dominated by large corporations driven by profits.

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