How Farmers Prepare for the Winter

A farmer's work is never done...not even when the land sleeps under the thick quilt of snow. Winter is the season when corn and soybeans have been harvested and stored. Yes, the workload lightens. But farmers continue working, even in the winter.

Of course, every farm is different.

Below is a list of common ways many farmers prepare for winter:

  • Winterize the Farm: When farmers winterize their farms, there is a lot to do. They deep clean, safely store equipment, make repairs, put away hoses and any other tools. They might patch holes or preform maintenance on the HVAC system to make sure the family, animals, and equipment stay cozy all winter.
  • Plan for Next Year: Farmers take advantage of this slower time because time is valuable. They do things that can't do during the harvest season, like go to trade shows and expos. Many farmers will budget, make purchases, and make decisions on what crops to plant. They can also take advantage of the slower season and catch up on industry education and networking.
  • Stock up on Food: Some farmers can food and stock up on food in case of harsh weather. Often times, the local store is miles away in farm towns so it is important to be prepared in case of a blizzard.
  • Livestock: If the farm has any livestock, there is a whole other long list of to-dos. Farmers need to prepare for freezing temperatures and organize and repair animal living quarters for the cold. They also need to buy food and bedding for the animals.

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How Farmers Prepare for the Winter

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