Common Farming Equipment

In the Midwest, it is common to see large farm equipment. You may even get caught behind a slow-moving vehicle when a farming vehicle hits the road.

What are these machines? What do they do? Here are some of the most common types of farming equipment and machinery often seen in the Midwest.

Tractors: Tractors are vehicles used on farms. They were invented to replace large animals, like horses and oxen, from having to pull farming equipment. The modern farm tractor is usually used to pull or push farming machinery. Tractors can pull the machines that plow, till, and plant. They are extremely useful!

 Balers: A baler, often referred to as a "hay baler", is farm equipment that is used to cut a crop. The crop is compressed into dense bales that are smaller and easier to work with. Some crops that are cut with a baler are hay and cotton.

 Combines: A combine harvests the crop while separating the grains from the stalks and chaffs at the same time. They were invented to save time and man-power during harvest season. Contemporary combines can efficiently harvest an assortment of crops.

 Plows: A plow, or plough, breaks up soil and buries previous crop residue. Plowing makes it easier to plant because the hard, crusty land transforms into a field of nutrient-rich soil. A lot of farmers spread cattle and pig manure while plowing to create the ideal soil.

 Planters: A planter is an important piece of farm equipment that is usually towed with a tractor. Its purpose it to plant seeds in rows across the field.

Sprayers: Most crops would not survive without a sprayer. A sprayer is a piece of farming equipment that applies important pesticides and fertilizers to crops. Sprayers are often linked to a tractor.

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Common Farming Equipment

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