Farming in the Developing World

Pretend you are on the moon, gazing at the earth. Look at the magnificent blue oceans and the green lands that provide food. Much of the world is made up of farms. In fact, it's estimated that there are more than 570 million farms! (

Farming here at Wyckoff Hybrids involves some of the most fascinating, advanced technologies in the industry. But how do other farms operate around the globe? A major factor in in the methods farmers use depends on whether their country is "developed" or "developing." Another way to say developing country is 3rd World.

According to, there are three main categories of agriculture in the developing world:

  1. Slash and burn with a hoe. This is a method in which farmers cut and burn plants in a forest or woodland to create a field.
  2. Dryland, rain-fed farming with a plow.
  3. Irrigation.

 Farming in developing countries looks different than what you are used to seeing in the Midwest. There are many farms across the globe where farmers can't afford to buy animals for plowing and most everything is done by hand. In addition, developing countries have problems with things like pests and droughts that we are able to combat in the Western world. Sadly, many farmers in developing countries lose their entire crops due to the extreme weather, plant-diseases, and floods.

At Wyckoff Hybrids, we believe in the power of education and raising awareness to these issues is an important step to helping farmers in developing countries. For more information about Wyckoff farms and our products, call us at: 219-462-6716 or INFO@WYCKOFFHYBRIDS.COM.

Farming in the Developing World

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