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This Season is Tough on Indiana Crops

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This Season is Tough on Indiana Crops

Indiana is home to more than 60,000 farms covering over 19 million acres. The average farm size in Indiana is 245 acres. We are an 85-year-old family owned and operated seed farm. We have been able to carve out a niche amidst large, national competitors because of our firmly rooted commitment to the economic success of farmers in our region. Our genetics are specifically selected for this region. We have been farming locally for generations, and use our wealth of knowledge and experience to hand-pick and then cross the traits that create seeds that dependably yield impressive results in Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. We are an independent, family owned and operated company that takes great pride in producing a quality product.

Many farmers have struggled with plating this year due to the continuously wet spring we had. Indiana was behind almost every other state in the process of crop planting. More than 5.5 million acres of Indiana farmland were scheduled to be planted with corn this year. The state's farmers had only planted 31 percent of that as of June 2, the point in the year when farmers are typically packing up their planters for the season. As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, the soybean crop, already affected by a trade war, was starting to fall behind, too. 

Despite these troubles that every Indiana farmer had to deal with this year, we still pulled through the rough times. Teamwork was essential, and support was crucial if we wanted to get ourselves back on our feet.  At Wyckoff Hybrids, our “Faith, Family, Farming” logo is more than just words. It represents a way of life going back to when our company was founded, and one that continues today. 

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